Putin made another cynical statement about Russia’s annexation of Crimea



Russian President Vladimir Putin distinguished himself with another cynical statement regarding the annexed Crimea.

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Vladimir Poutine
Putin’s next cynical statement in Crimea is shocking. Photo:

In an interview with Kremlin Channel Russia-1, Putin said that the annexed Crimea would still be Russian.

And the annexation, he said, was “legal”. At the same time, the head of the Kremlin referred to the “referendum” which was held under the direct organization of the Russian conservatives in March 2014.

“First, Crimea has always been ours, even from a legal point of view. Second, we have not acquired. The people of Crimea have decided to meet with Russia “, – Putin said cynically.

In addition, the president of the Russian Federation, without excessive modesty, mentioned the fact that he was not opposed to running for a new presidential mandate after the introduction of amendments to the Constitution of Russia.

“I do not exclude this possibility. If this happens in the Constitution – the opportunity to run. We will see. We’ll see it there, “ He stated.

It should be remembered that Crimea was captured by the Russian army in 2014 immediately after the escape of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich. Then, the same soldiers carried out an operation to organize the so-called “referendum”, the results of which have not been recognized by the international community, which is why the Ukrainian peninsula is considered to be occupied by Russia.

Earlier, it was reported that Putin was trying to stop the inevitable, the story is close to a conclusion.



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