Putin makes a big mistake: historian Zubov about the collapse of the Russian leader’s political plans



Vladimir Putin made a very serious mistake in the internal policy of the Russian Federation. It consists in the absence of common sense for people’s needs, and in the excessive care of their notes with populist broadcasts. A historical parallel has been brought to it.

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This opinion was expressed by the historian Andrey Zbukov in his article on Inforesist, reports “MFN”.

“The Russian president, as his predecessors often did, made a big mistake. He imposes his own parade and personal vote in the state at virtually any cost. It’s scary. Likewise, millions of people have been deprived of their lives. And everything for any price. So already 70 years of total dictatorship. We know that the so-called price is in 99% of the suffering and death of thousands of innocent people, “said the historian at the outset.

After that, he said that in the country where such a system was built, nothing could last too long. He said that in such circumstances it is not the work of an ordinary person that is valued, but the word of the sovereign – it greatly affects quality.

“At one point, Alexander Solzhenitsyn called for saving the people after the socialist ruin. Putin not only saved it, but also exacerbated the economic and political crises, “he said.

In the end, Zubkov said that most of Putin’s actions are disastrous for the country. In his opinion, such a leader will not be able to fully realize his plans because of a corrupt and ill-conceived system, which I have built myself.

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