Putin paid brutally for trying to start an oil war: expert opinion



The brutal oil war between Russia and Saudi Arabia ended with the complete defeat of Putin. An agreement has been signed to reduce crude oil production, which should help stabilize the market.

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Oil production in Russia will drop.
Putin suffered a second major defeat, this time in the oil war. Photo:

A long marathon of a series of negotiations between OPEC members and other major energy powers ended on Thursday with a preliminary agreement to cut oil production by 10 million barrels a day in May and June.

The essence of this agreement for Russia is that it will have to reduce its production by 2.7 barrels per day, which, in the opinion of politico-military expert Alexander Kovalenko, is most interesting.

The fact is that a month ago Saudi Arabia suggested that Putin cut production by only 300,000 barrels, but the head of the Kremlin caused a scandal and “slammed the door.”

From now on, Russia will be forced to reduce its production to a volume 9 times greater than the original Saudi proposal.

It was Putin’s second major defeat after the Nord Stream. The result for Russia can be sad.

Earlier, it was reported that Lukashenko had exposed Putin’s oil plan and given him a hard rebellion.



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