Putin reminded of non-compliance with promises regarding Crimea and Donbas (Video)



Vladimir Putin in 2008, speaking on the strategic course of development of the Russian Federation, announced the creation of “the most attractive country for life” and stressed that Russia would never intend to seize foreign territories.

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Vladimir Putin lied.
Putin recalled the lies of twelve years ago. Photo:

12 years ago, the Russian president spoke of a peaceful foreign policy.

“To solve our national problems, we need a peaceful and positive program for international relations. We will strive for that. I want to emphasize that we do not intend to take anything from anyone: we are a self-sufficient country “, – Putin said then.

And in 2020, everyone has the opportunity to appreciate the price of their promises. And the result is an almost total loss of confidence in the Russian people.

The Russians themselves give their appreciation of the promises of the head of the Kremlin on the net.

“He has not deceived anyone, united Russia and live … applause”; “I lied, I lie and I’m going to lie – the main hug from Putin”; “He is driving a snowstorm, lucky with people, some suckers, cheered him on for 20 years, until they were left without pants.”

Video of the speech of the head of the Kremlin in 2008.

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