Putin simply sent us his message: the Russians reacted strongly to the message of the head of the Kremlin to the people



Thursday, April 2, the Russian president recorded a video message to his fellow citizens on the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The performance, which aired on major Russian TV channels, was surprisingly short, just 10 minutes.

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Vladimir Putin sends another message.
Putin’s next appeal to the people has turned into a scandal. Photo:

In his speech to the people, the non-replaceable leader extended the paid vacation until the end of April, and that was the only thing that could be of interest to the Russians.

This call turned into a scandal. The number of disgust and negative comments in the networks is out of scale. Putin has clearly lost the old love of the Russians.

It should be noted that, even before the broadcast of the president’s call on YouTube on the Russia 24 channel, the number of disgusts exceeded 55,000 (see photo).

55,000 don't like Putin's call.
Before the speech began, Putin received 55,000 dislikes. Photo:

The Russians had the most complaints about the content of his speech. Famous Russian blogger El Murid wrote this on Facebook:

“Nothing interesting. The commander-in-chief gave the order:” You stay there “and rushed towards the bunker. The emergency mode is not introduced, the governors take care of them “And I’m going to swim in the pool. We have such a good Supreme. The main thing is predictable.”

Another well-known blogger, Stalingulag, also responded roughly:

“Not a single decision to support the people. Putin naturally said: in a fire, burn. “

Indignant and ordinary citizens of Russia.

“If in a word:” Let us wait until the end of April – perhaps, it will resolve itself “”; “A kind of joke late on April 1 from my grandfather”; “We were sent to …”, – Russian citizens write in social networks.

Earlier, it was reported that a disaster was brewing in the “PDR” due to the spread of the coronavirus.

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