Putin threatens Poland: Duda made alarming statement



The Russian Federation threatens the sovereignty of Poland. Head of State Andrzej Duda directly called Russia the main threat and signed an important historic document to protect his homeland from the aggression of Vladimir Putin.

Poland and Russian Federation
Poland and Russian Federation. Photo –

Reports on this subject “MFN”, with reference to the official document of the updated version of the national security strategy of Poland.

The document stresses that Russia is using an aggressive policy which represents a serious threat to Poland. The Polish leadership takes into account examples of tragic events in Georgia and Ukraine.

“The scandalous annexation of Crimea, the aggressive actions in eastern Ukraine and Georgia are terrible examples of Russian aggression. We clearly understand that Russia is a threat to many countries. Poland is no exception. Russia is undermining the foundations of international security, and we must respond to it, “said Duda.

Warsaw intends to strengthen its defenses. To this end, the authorities are turning to NATO partners.

The Russian authorities have not yet responded to the Polish decision.

Recall, as previously stated, Zhirinovsky accused Poland of inciting World War II: a scandalous statement by the head of the “LDPR”.

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