Putin through the eyes of a psychiatrist – Dr. Khersonsky spoke of an unexpected conclusion



Clinical psychiatrist Boris Khersonsky analyzed the words and actions of the Russian president, after which he drew an interesting conclusion. He said that the psyche of the Russian leader was unstable and did not rule out the fact that Vladimir Putin already had obvious problems with it.

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Khersonsky himself reported this information in his article “HB“, Reports” NPF “.

“Angela Merkel once said that Putin’s contact with reality was broken. Of course, such a curse is polite. But from the point of view of psychiatric lexicon, she literally called the president of the Russian Federation mad He said at the very start.

After that, Khersonsky declared that the concept of “malignant narcissism” is quite applicable to Putin.

“From a psychological point of view, very young children cannot be responsible for their actions. Putin has something similar. However, he is a likely criminal, not a child. If our colleagues and I carried out a review in The Hague, we would have come to a 100% conclusion that Vladimir Vladimirovich could have known about his own actions. But I’m going to clarify one fact: it’s about managing your actions, not the country, ”he said.

Ultimately, the psychiatrist concluded that Putin’s psyche, however, goes beyond the framework of orthodox psychiatric diagnosis. However, according to Khersonsky, it is still impossible to make a diagnosis due to the lack of precise studies. However, according to him, it contains certain violations.

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