Putin to change methods of pressure on Ukraine: Golobutsky explained why Ukraine should not rush to rejoice in falling oil prices



Political strategist Alexander Golobutsky believes that Ukraine should not rush to welcome the fall in world oil prices.

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The political strategist spoke about it in a comment for the publication “Dialog.UA », MFN Reports.

Political strategist Alexander Golobutsky believes that the fall in oil prices is no reason to rejoice in Ukraine. According to him, the fall in world oil prices has already affected the Russian economy. And as a result, the Kremlin will have to cut funding to military programs. According to Golobutsky, the Kremlin will spend much less on a war in the Donbas. But, according to the political strategist, this does not mean that Putin will abandon his idea of ​​annexing Ukraine.

Gulobutsky believes that Putin will change the methods of pressure on Ukraine. And if the Kremlin now uses weapons, it will very soon switch to other instruments of war.

“In the absence of money for war with weapons, the Kremlin will go to war with other instruments. It is under the most severe political, economic, diplomatic and information pressure on Ukraine, “said Golobutsky.

In addition, the political strategist believes that, most likely, the Ukrainian government will not be able to effectively resist the new methods of pressure from Putin on Ukraine.

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