Putin to step down as president – Klimkin reveals Russian leader’s future plans (video)



The former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin, said that Vladimir Putin intended to do in the political field. According to him, Putin intends to achieve the reincarnation of the Russian Empire or the USSR. In addition, he wants to enter the history of the Russian Federation at the expense of Ukraine.

Pavel Klimkin
Pavel Klimkin. Photo –

This opinion was expressed by Klimkin in an interview with the observer, reports “MFN” with reference to Aspi.

“We have to understand the conventions of the Russian president. After all, it demands the reincarnation of the Russian Empire since the time of the Tsars. Or he wants to revive the USSR. I am sure that with the seizure of territories of other countries, he wants to enter the history of his country. Including at our expense. As for his departure … Putin will not leave the presidency until the Russian elite and the Russians themselves want it, “said Klimkin.

After that, the former foreign minister said that, in the context of Putin’s policy, the coordination of Western forces, which opposes excessive aggression by the Russian Federation, is important.

“This period will not last too long. We still have 2-3 years to come. At best, decades. We will see later. It depends a lot on the timing of the policy process, ”concluded Klimkin.

Remember, it was decided – Pushilin endangered the entire Donbass because of his decree.



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