Putin tries to stop the inevitable, the story is approaching a conclusion: El Murid



Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his acclaimed article on World War II, called for the preservation of the “world of Yalta”, realizing that it has been left in the new universe.

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Putin can no longer stop the inevitable.
No one has heard Putin’s call to preserve the “world of Yalta”. Photo:

According to many experts, the head of the Kremlin in this article called for a new division of the world.

However, Russian military expert and blogger El Murid expressed a different opinion on this article, commenting on his Facebook page.

“He calls for the preservation of the peace of Yalta with the guarantees of the five nuclear powers, including Russia”, – wrote a blogger about Poutine.

However, according to Murid, the development of any system of international relations will already take place without the participation of Russia. And therefore, none of the major global players will heed the calls from Putin.

According to the expert, the situation will be resolved in the near future, because “It is a conclusion”.

“Putin has no choice but to jump, trying to get the attention of serious people. Focus mainly on previous merits, not on one’s own ”, – said Murid.

According to the blogger, this Putin article will have no consequences.

Earlier, it was reported that Putin proposed to divide the world.



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