Putin wants to return Donbass to Ukraine – expert Oreshkin spoke about the plans of the Russian president



The Kremlin began to understand the fact that the so-called Novorossiya project was a failure. That is why at the moment Vladimir Putin is interested in returning the L / DPR to Ukraine. However, he will try to do so on his own terms.

Vladimir Poutine
Vladimir Putin Photo – RBC.RU

This opinion was expressed by political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin during an interview, reports “MFN” with reference to

“In L / DPR, we can observe a losing situation. The Kremlin is simply not able to take these territories for itself. No resources and no strategy. Putin wants to give Donetsk and Lugansk to Ukraine. But he alone wants to set his own conditions. Of course, in Ukraine, they will go. There is nothing positive in these conditions. Therefore, Putin wants to return the Donbass to Ukraine, ”he said at the start.

The expert then said he was confident that the “L / DPR” would repeat the Transdniestrian scenario. According to him, the future of the residents of the “DPR” and the “LPR” is very vague, because their documents will not be accepted anywhere and these territories will never be recognized by the various states.

“With regard to Putin’s attack on Ukraine, the following can be said: it will not happen. However, he can scare and intimidate, provoke. But now the President of the Russian Federation cannot not afford a full-blown war. He understands that from the start of the war in Ukraine, volunteers will arrive in this territory and lethal weapons from the United States will be provided, “he said at the end. .

Recall that the “DPR” has set new conditions for Kiev in Donbas: details.



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