Putin will not give up Crimea, we must forget, and the Donbass is seriously discussed: Belkovsky



Russian political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky, in an interview with Gordon, expressed the opinion that Ukraine should not expect the return of the annexed Crimea in the near future.

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Stanislav Belkovsky.
Putin will not return to Crimea and the Donbass is seriously discussed. Photo:

According to Belkovsky, Putin will certainly not abandon Crimea, this issue is not even discussed in the Kremlin, you must forget it right away.

“For him, give Crimea the means to commit suicide. It will not happen. It is not a question which we will see the solution in our lifetime “ – the political scientist considers.

But in Donbas, the question between Kiev and Moscow is seriously discussed.

“Donetsk and Lugansk are another matter. This problem is solved, nobody does anything to solve it. “ – noted Belkovsky.

He expressed the opinion that in response to the settlement of the conflict in the Donbass, Putin wants to receive guarantees to lift international sanctions. In this case, it would be easier to agree with him.

And until that happens, Russia will not rush to return to Ukraine from uncontrolled territories. Furthermore, these “separate regions” themselves do not really want to return to Ukrainian state control.

Earlier, it was reported that Surkov had been removed from office, not by chance.

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