Putin’s authority reduced to a crack: Portnikov



What is the real weight of the President of the Russian Federation and what he represents, showed the parade in Moscow, which Putin prepared with a special pump for almost two months.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Vitaly Portnikov.
The military parade in Moscow showed Putin’s real weight and price. Photo:

No matter how much the head of the Kremlin tried, how he did not fail in invitations to the leaders of foreign states, and they ignored him.

According to journalist and television presenter Vitaly Portnikov, the number of foreign guests present at the event showed Putin’s real weight and authority on the international scene.

According to Portnikov, the Russian president considered himself an influential politician and counted on a large number of foreign guests, but all of them refused to participate in the parade. In addition, not all the leaders of the post-Soviet republics arrived at the event. Only those who could not refuse arrived. The President of Turkmenistan has said he is preparing for his birthday and the Prime Minister of Armenia and the head of Azerbaijan have openly declared that they are afraid of getting a coronavirus.

As Portnikov said, the parade demonstrated the true geopolitical weight of the head of the Kremlin.

“The international authority is reduced to the crack” – he wrote on his channel in Telegram.

Earlier it was announced that Putin would be taken away, the names of the enemies of the President of the Russian Federation are named.



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