Putin’s departure: the transition from theory to practice has begun



At the same time, on April 2, isolated Putin and the former mercenary saboteur Girkin addressed the Russians. Only the Russian president did it live from the underground bunker and the impostor Strelkov on social networks.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Shoigu and Sobyanin will ask Putin for a way out.
Putin’s departure from Russia is intensifying. Photo:

The head of the Kremlin transferred the coronavirus shooters to the local authorities, allowing them, at their discretion, to take quarantine measures in the entrusted territories, and relieved the Russians from work until April 30.

In response, Girkin said that Putin was already “stuck with fins” and named Sobyanin and Shoigu the main successors to the mayor of Moscow. Admittedly, Strelkov said this without much enthusiasm, apparently these comrades are not very nice to him. But asked to speak, he expressed.

The next day, the famous Professor Nightingale also firmly announced that the main thing was Sobyanin.

Thus, the Kremlin, using its informal channels of communication with the Russian population, which are Girkin and Nightingale, in fact announced the start of Putin’s departure and designated Sobyanin as successor.

Earlier, it was reported that after the appearance of the divine sign in the sky of Italy, the coronavirus in the country began to decline.

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