Putin’s Russia has ended, the disaster can no longer be stopped: El Murid



Russian military expert and blogger El Murid shared his views on what is happening in Russia during the burgeoning coronavirus pandemic.

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The collapse of Putin's Russia.
The catastrophe in Russia can no longer stop. Photo:

According to him, the pandemic declared by the World Health Organization is itself an emergency event, and therefore the emergency mode must be introduced. And according to the standards of the legislation in force in Russia, it is the duty of the federal government. And the state should bear full responsibility.

But what about Putin?

“He refused to introduce an emergency, having created a regime unknown to what was unknown. In fact, the same thing happened with the violated constitution, when without exception all stages of “constitutional reform” were illegal and far beyond the limits of a state crime. In fact, the guarantor of the constitution and the rule of law is a threat to both, because his illegal and criminal actions create administrative chaos in the country. ” – said the expert.

And this chaos will cost the Russians not only enormous material losses, but also human losses.

And given the “oil war” launched by Putin and Saudi Arabia, the disaster can no longer be avoided.

El Murid is sure that Putin’s Russia has ended, and the current ruling elite is dying. The current ruling elite will no longer exist under the previous conditions, whatever possible illusions it has in this regard. Under the new conditions, a new elite will appear: worse or better – but certainly not like that.

“The dinosaurs disappeared because they were not adapted to the changing climatic and environmental conditions. They could only dominate under the conditions that were before “, – concluded the blogger.

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