Q1 2020 smartphone market, Apple from the rostrum in Italy: overtaking Xiaomi


Canalys combined data from an official report earlier this month regarding smartphone sales in the first quarter of this 2020. The well-known analytical company also added data on selected markets, including Italian; surprises, as one would expect, there was no shortage.

Overtaking stands out Xiaomi to the detriment an Apple: Cupertino occupies an impressive -80% compared with the figures recorded for the same period of 2019, and falls to fourth place with a market share of only 5%. Xiaomi, on the other hand, even grows by 306% and occupies 16% of the market share.

The rating is still led by Samsung (38% of the total, -24% year on year), followed by Huawei (market share of 27%, -27% compared to the first quarter of 2019). That’s not all an Apple he is being hunted by another Chinese company, which has grown tremendously in our country. We refer to Oppoable to grow by 1502% and win 4% of the shares in our country.

These are the figures that follow the trend already noted in the report on a global scale, which we spoke about at the beginning (here you will find more information). Generally speaking, we can say that the coronavirus crisis has begun Xiaomi for the most diverse offer in the mid-market segment and for the possibility of easier penetration of online sales.




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