Quarantine and Culture: The biggest festivals await


Governments in Europe and North America are in no hurry to reduce quarantine restrictions for public events

Burning Man Festival at Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Photo:

After norms were set by the European Union to officially lift quarantine restrictions on April 15, large-scale programs began to be canceled in Europe and North America. Thus, all big and small festivals planned for this summer have already been canceled in Germany, Belgium and Denmark.

European Union officials focused on the fact that sanctions should be lifted, gradually with the permission of mass meetings of the people. On the same day, several countries responded to this statement. Therefore, in Germany, large-scale events will not be held until August 31, 2020. Yesterday, several summer concerts in Germany, occurring almost weekly in the country, began announcing the cancellation or postponement until 2021.

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Other European countries, including Rock Varsity 2020 and tomorrow in Belgium 2020, began announcing similar decisions to cancel mass shows before the end of summer, with an average attendance of several hundred people. All Danish events have also been canceled, including the Cannes Film Festival in France, Eurovision in the Netherlands, the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, held in Britain since 1970, Britain’s largest rock festival download, and the famous Roskilde Festival.

Transmits as Billboard, Burning Man, one of the largest open-air festivals in the USA, was canceled, the ceremony of inducting new members into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was postponed from March to November, Google Cloud Next ‘ The 20 concerts, Global Marketing Facebook, the largest music festival, were also canceled. World Summerfest and many other events. Events canceled in Canada include the TED 2020 conference, Edmonton International Jazz Festival, NextFest and many more.

Recall that earlier we used to publish new dates for major fintech conferences in Ukraine and the world.

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