Quarantine and poverty led to rebellion: riot police opposed residents of Vladikavkaz



The situation in Vladikavkaz is becoming extremely tense. Civilians are adamantly dissatisfied with the actions of the government. Dissatisfied people went to the demonstrations. Russian authorities activated the riot police and Rosgvardeytsev.

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It is reported by “Dialogue“, Reports” MFN “.

The demonstrators settled in the town center square. They bombard law enforcement officers with garbage and bottles. The siloviki waited patiently for some time and did not continue its active actions.

A large number of men insult the police, they seem extremely decisive. People were divided, some believe that such a situation can only complicate the general situation, while others, on the contrary, intend to continue to put pressure on the authorities through demonstrations.

Security officials soon managed to arrest several radical protesters. The reunited people in turn ask for their immediate release. In the action area, you can notice the reconstruction of the area. The demonstrators were not afraid to use building materials and stones to damage the police.

Recall that, as noted earlier, Komarovsky made an important statement about the coronavirus: the situation is becoming less dangerous.

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