Quarantine demonstrations: in Odessa, hundreds of people took to the streets and expressed their demands



In Odessa, local residents are extremely dissatisfied with the extended quarantine. Despite the bans, many civilians took to the streets. Some of them simply openly violate quarantine measures, while others have spoken out to express their demands.

Quarantine protests
Protests against quarantine. Stock Photo –

It is reported by “Dialogue“, Reports” MFN “.

The Odessa entrepreneurs collectively entered the Tverskaya market and expressed their demands. They want an explanation of the rules of operation during the quarantine period and how people can cope with them. This meeting brought together over a hundred people, security arrested people and did not allow them to take their jobs. People have asked to arrange a meeting with market leaders so that they can finally get their questions answered.

We know that in Odessa, on April 25, a partial operation of the markets was authorized, but already the 26th ban was again fully restored. This ambiguity negatively affected people in quarantine.

In addition, many Ukrainian citizens ignore quarantine to visit cemeteries.

Recall, as previously stated, Pushnov said that Zelensky would do with the Donbass: in Russia, the Ukrainian government is openly underestimated.

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