Quarantine dilution: allowed to work


Couriers, builders and postmen are officially allowed to work

Weak Quarantine: which was allowed to work during an epidemic. Photo: Business Capital

Cobin approved amendments to the COVID-19 Proliferation Prevention Regulation. This was said by Prime Minister Dennis Shimgal.

“In a meeting of the government, he supported the amendment of the decree on stopping the spread of COVID-19. We clarified the list of items that can work in the categories of quarantine and citizens 60 years and older who are not subject to self-isolation, ”Shyamal wrote.

The government authorized the handling of such items during quarantine:

  • Conduct construction work;
  • Waste collection and preparation;
  • Institutions selling building materials;
  • Postal and courier activities;
  • Dry Cleaner.

The government has specified that people under the age of 60 and above do not require self-segregation:

  • Duties of government officials, all levels, mayors, judges and other persons to whom the law applies to “combat corruption”;
  • Individuals participating in activities to combat the spread of coronaviruses;
  • Military personnel, personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies;
  • Persons providing important enterprise activity.

In addition, the government approved the process of compulsory appointment for observation (self-isolation) of persons entering the territory of Ukraine. At the same time, local self-government bodies have the right to spend for the accommodation of individuals in observatories at the expense of local budgets.

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Recall that the government of Ukraine wants to change the state budget for 2020, keeping in mind the basic needs in an epidemic. Specifically, the head of government proposed raising the cost of pension from 192.6 billion to 192.3 billion, raising the cost of repairing and constructing roads from 71.9 billion to 70.8 billion, and reducing the cost of economic development from 18 . , 1 billion to 17.2 billion dollars.

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