Quarantine has proved the effectiveness of remote work: what will it change


The era of office work and the ban on udalenka officially ends

Quarantine has proved the effectiveness of remote work: how it will change the company. Photo: Forbes

If you prefer remote work, there is good news: After the onset of quarantine in the United States, companies did not register the expected drop in labor productivity. The era of office work is officially ending, and those who do not agree can safely be attributed to the archaic bison.

Employees are so good at coping with their tasks that American officials are considering giving up part of their expensive office real estate to save money.

This step of particular importance will be for Silicon Valley, where renting costs insane money. So, representatives of the Okta company said they planned to expand the office, but quarantine showed: Employees do a fantastic job at home. Which means that there is no need for expansion yet.

Work efficiency from home will not destroy offices, but will make them more flexible and comfortable. Indeed, the campus will no longer be designed for all employees immediately.

Experts believe that once the quarantine ends, companies around the world will start reviewing their approach to office real estate. For management, it is saving a lot of money, for employees – daily rest and time savings.

For colleagues, who also give their place to companies, they incur heavy losses due to quarantine. In the future, an overall decline in demand for such services is possible.

In this case, the business would be rebuilt, for example, providing access to space only one day a week. And for the rest of the day these offices should be rented out to other teams who do not have to sit continuously next to each other.

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Remember that remote employees are better involved in the work process than their colleagues in the office – they take 23% more action related to work responsibilities. This conclusion was made by scientists in the study of work from home.

As experts have found, leaders in out-of-office productivity are programmers, designers, and marketers: their participation is 41% higher than in office colleagues. An interesting fact is that even remote workers process more, working one hour a day than others.

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