Quarantine in Ukraine: ex-chief medical officer named error



Former Ukrainian chief medical officer of health candidate Sviatoslav Protas in an interview with Glavred said that in the country there was no need to introduce a national quarantine initially due to the Chinese coronavirus.

This is reported by the NPF, referring to

Quarantine in Ukraine.
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According to Protas, only a few restrictive measures should have been centralized, in particular with regard to the operation of public transport. The rest of the quarantine was supposed to be adaptive.

According to the expert, such a quarantine could mitigate the destructive consequences of the economy. In addition, the experience that physicians would gain in areas where large-scale outbreaks were transferred to areas where there were no serious problems.

According to the doctor, immunology speaks of such a scenario. The outbreaks should be located where they appeared.

Earlier, it was reported that Ukraine was on the verge of triggering another terrible infection.

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