Quarantine in Ukraine: infectious disease specialist says when Ukrainians can resume their normal lives



The infectious disease doctor Lyudmila Mukharkaya estimates that quarantine in Ukraine can last until the summer. And this provided that the situation with the coronavirus stabilizes to date.

Ukraine in quarantine
Ukraine quarantined. Photo

This is reported by the NPF, referring to Glavred.

Infectious disease doctor Lyudmila Mukharkaya says it is prudent to predict when quarantine will end in Ukraine only after the peak in the incidence of coronaviruses.

“In two weeks, it will be clearer. Most experts predict that by the summer the situation will stabilize. Then we can talk about the cancellation of the quarantine, ”said the doctor.

Mukharskaya noted that in Ukraine, it is difficult to correctly predict the situation due to the fact that the country does not conduct large-scale tests of people for coronavirus.

In addition, the infectious disease specialist does not rule out the possibility that after a fall in the incidence of coronaviruses in summer, the dynamics of the virus may increase again in the fall or perhaps in winter.

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