Quarantine in Ukraine to be renewed: Shmygal announced he was ready to make an unpopular decision



Immediately after the start of the softening of quarantine in Ukraine, Prime Minister Denis Shmygal issued a disappointing but important warning. He said Ukraine could soon expect a further tightening of the quarantine, if necessary. Sniff is ready for unpopular decisions.

Denis Shmygal
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It is reported by the “MFN”, with reference to Facebook Sniff.

“Ukraine is introducing a weakening of quarantine. The concept of adaptive quarantine comes into effect. I want to emphasize that even at the national level, it is permissible to weaken the quarantine, but on the ground, it is the local authorities who must assess the situation and make the final decision on the disposition to weaken the quarantine “, wrote Shmygal.

He cited the example of Lviv and Kiev, noting that local authorities decided it was too early to weaken the quarantine.

Shmygal thanked law-abiding citizens for good faith compliance with the restrictions. Citizen awareness is the key to victory over the coronavirus, says Shmygal.

“The time has come for the most crucial moment. The coronavirus is still there. Ukrainians must adapt to the new conditions and precautions. If we succeed, the restrictions will continue to decrease, but if the coronavirus increases, the authorities are ready to tighten up quarantine measures, ”he said.

Recall that, as noted above, Russia does not have the right to celebrate the victory over Nazism – Klimkin called the celebration of the Russian Federation immoral.

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