Quarantine is extended, but with mitigation: what is the plan of the Ministry of Health


Quarantine mitigation can begin Monday, April 27

Quarantine is extended, but some restrictions will be lifted: what has been planned by the Ministry of Health and when to wait for the relaxation of governance

Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov said during a daily online briefing by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine that quarantine will be extended until 12 May, but the measures were planned to be reduced. As expected, a decision to increase quarantine will be taken at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday 22 April.

“This expansion is related to our current incidence rate and the risk posed by coronavirus disease,” he said.

Many prohibitions that are about to be raised or weakened relate to short walks and visits to museums. Libraries will also start functioning. Mitigation work can begin from Monday, April 27. But masked governance and social distance will continue.

“For example, walks in parks. But these pedestrians will be limited in number of individuals, in personal protective equipment. Very clear criteria will be set by this regulation.

We will also offer to open our museums, libraries, but strictly follow quarantine restrictions on distance on entry, personal protective equipment and thermal screening. Stefanov declares that we also hypothesize many myths.

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Remember that the situation with coronaviruses could deprive the world economy of more than $ 5 trillion of growth over the next two years, which is higher than the annual output in a developed country like Japan.

European Central Bank chair Christina Lagarde also said that the eurozone economy produces between 2% and 3% in blockages each month. But this is not the reason for lifting the restrictions and fueling the growth of the epidemic, which will have even more economic consequences.

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