Quarantine is tired and too expensive: which will result in ignorance of its rules



Quarantine is tired and too expensive: which will result in ignorance of its rules

Quarantine is tired and too expensive: which will result in ignorance of its rules


04/28/2020 17:34


The police don’t have time everywhere. Small business runs away by breaking the law. And folk traditions are seated at the table. Will there be consequences?

Without waiting for the official end of the quarantine on April 24, the Ukrainians are gradually “canceling” it themselves. Social networks are full of messages – in the past week, many stores and cafes in Kiev have returned to normal operation. Apparently almost all metropolitan institutions in Podil have made money, around inactive metro stations on the outskirts, there are many offenders outside the capital, especially in Lviv. Police control is obviously not enough, self-control and more. Even everyone does not put on a mask in public places, although there is already enough – both in pharmacies and in cloth, hastily stamped by sewing workshops. The fear of obtaining COVID-19 initially limited the activity of many Ukrainians, but it soon proved. The risks of reconstituting morbidity statistics are not as frightening as the socio-economic consequences.

Quarantine is tired and too expensive: which will result in ignorance of its rules

The center of the capital in quarantine / Photo: Pavel Bagmut, Ukrinform


From 19 to 26 April, the police capitals drew up 89 administrative protocols for violation of the quarantine rules provided for in article 44 (marked 3) of the Ukrainian Code on administrative offenses, the Kiev press secretary told Ukrinform Anastasia Kostyuchenko. The responsibility for such a violation is a fine in the amount of 1 to 2,000 non-taxable minimums of citizens. “During the weekend (from April 18 at 6:00 p.m. to 26:00 p.m. on April 26), there were 28 protocols,” said Kostyuchenko. In addition, in this data, there are both legal persons and persons authorized to control the police. For a city in which at least 4 million people live de facto, it does not matter, especially when the inhabitants of Kiev themselves with the naked eye constantly reveal offenders in their own streets. PATROLS FOLLOW THIS, BUT EVERYWHERE IT HAS NOT ALREADY DONE – they are acquitted by the city’s national police. “When they find out, they create administration protocols. But wherever the police cannot be, “said the press secretary.

Meanwhile, the daily incidence rate has been on the “plateau” for a week and shows no downward trend – 400 to 500 new cases of infection confirmed by the test. There is no question of a drop in the incidence rate in Ukraine, confirms Lyudmila Mukharskaya, epidemiologist, president of the board of directors of the Ukrainian Sanitary and Epidemiological Union of Pan-Ukrainian public organizations. “Every day we record its growth, there is no information on the gradual withdrawal of quarantine measures, but only intentions to implement them from May 11,” she said. “But if such behavior in society does not follow the rules, then quarantine may be the cause.” At first, the level of infection increased due to arrivals from abroad, but today the statistics are replenished mainly by the Ukrainians, who “shared” the virus among themselves already inside the country, notes Moukharskaya. And it is a dangerous situation, because they always only test “suspect” citizens, practically do not test those whose disease is asymptomatic – they seem quite healthy, even if they are in contact. “Therefore, EVERY MAN POTENTIALLY CAN BE CONSIDERED AS A CARRIER. And this suggests that we must refrain from such an unauthorized opening of establishments in which people communicate closely with each other, ”said the doctor.

Quarantine is tired and too expensive: which will result in ignorance of its rules

Cafes often operate on the “MacDrive” window principle.

However, Fedor Lapiy, a child infectious disease specialist and immunologist, does not expect global consequences due to these violations. “I don’t see any small shops and cafes open in large numbers, even though I went to Kiev on weekends. (It seems that someone is “lucky”. There is another experience – massive violations. – NDE) And often they work on the principle of the “MacDrive” window and, as I saw at the beginning from their forties, they were very careful, precise in terms of individual. protection ”, he shares his experience. Large retail establishments in the capital, he said, carefully monitor the number of people in the halls, restrict access to goods that are not immediately needed, use disinfectants to handle their hands at the entrances and even measure the temperature, and the masked staff. “Even these violations that I observe, I think, will not cause the spread of the virus, unlike rites and religious services, during which masks are often openly neglected,” notes the doctor.

The anxiety is caused by the funeral days, which last until Tuesday in Ukraine. And it’s not about visiting cemeteries, says Lapiy, but in some folk traditions. Many Ukrainians still visit their homeland during so-called farewells, otherwise their loved ones will not understand. “Outside the big cities, people don’t see these quarantine measures like the people of Kiev. There is a house, a courtyard, a garden – for what and a mask? He explains. “You do not live in there, you do not understand, and your relatives in the village will not accept the refusal to visit the graves.” Therefore, the sons for many have always taken place, and where the sons – there are visits to relatives, parties and a drink. “HOW CAN I SIT AT THE MASK TABLE?” AND THEN SOME DOSE OF ALCOHOL WILL REMOVE BARRIERS AND SOCIAL DISTANCES, says Lapiy. “These strong traditions can have negative consequences.”

Quarantine is tired and too expensive: which will result in ignorance of its rules

Meetings – tse “tradition …”

And the restaurants, cafes, shops, he repeats, are pretty safe while they work out the window, the staff are masked and using disinfectants, and the line keeps a distance. “In such conditions, they will not cause the spread of COVID-19”, summarizes the specialist in infectious diseases. If only the rallies hadn’t started.

Safety margin is exhausted

A total of 277,000 entrepreneurs were banned in connection with quarantine in Ukraine, they calculated in the service for monitoring the registration data of Ukrainian companies Opendatabot. According to the resource, around 65% of catering establishments have failed to reorganize to work online with delivery. But the reserves of patience are drawing to an end, the nerves without income cannot hold out.

Igor Garbaruk, international expert, economist, admits: after walking for two months with an unshaven head, he started looking for a hairdresser working with a home client. “The captain arrived with a mask, gloves and spoke of his barbershop, which was forcedly closed. He deliberately violates, because the rental premises, everything was bought at his expense and you have to survive ”, he shares his experience.

Obviously, it turned out that FIVE MONTHS QUARANTINE – ALREADY, IT IS THE THRESHOLD WHEN MANY LOSSES OF ACCUMULATIONS ARE FORCED AND SEARCHED FOR RESEARCH TO WIN IN spite of NOTHING. The forecasts and the polls which were made at the beginning of the quarantine on the period during which the Ukrainians can hold without income are gradually being realized.

According to a survey of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs in early April, 50% of entrepreneurs hoped to endure one month of quarantine and not go bankrupt, and one in four businesses – 2-3 months. “50 to 60% of the population had their own funds for about a month. They have taken into account that people in such situations always exaggerate, they are exposed to a negative feeling, ”says Garbaruk.

Quarantine is tired and too expensive: which will result in ignorance of its rules

The financial cushion ends: in Kherson blocked the entrance to the city, demanding to open a market

It seems that for many the financial cushion is coming to an end, but there is still no program to overcome the crisis, to bring the economy after quarantine to a certain level. “What the Prime Minister planned to achieve in 5 steps is more likely a plan to lift the bans. He does not say a word that entrepreneurs who have suffered losses will receive compensation, a lump sum. No 6 to 8 month vacation offer for a company that has taken out loans, ”explains the economist. There can be many programs – granting zero-interest loans to companies to pay staff salaries at least 2/3 of their size. Cancel the accrued liabilities paid by the contractor by paying these salaries. At a minimum, focus on domestic companies in public procurement, ordering their own, not German or American artists.

“But, in my opinion, there really isn’t much support for domestic businesses – big and small (and these are fundamentally different support programs). Maybe they will appear soon. But when the government doesn’t even talk about it, and many companies are working quietly, surviving, violent, ”says Garbaruk.

Tatyana Negoda, Kiev

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