Quarantine is working, but we haven’t won this war yet – Stepanov



Quarantine is working, but we haven't won this war yet - Stepanov

Quarantine measures introduced in Ukraine since March 12 have worked, but Ukraine must continue this tactic in the future.

Health Minister Maxim Stepanov said so in an interview with Ukrainian truth.

“We note that today the spread of coronavirus disease is observed, but the spread of this disease is controlled. Our quarantine measures, which have lasted for a month in Ukraine, have indeed produced results. When we speak of “A controlled situation, we are examining the ability of the healthcare system to provide appropriate care to patients. Coronavirus,” said Stepanov.

He noted that in 243 hospitals that accept patients with COVID-19, 10 to 15% of the beds are occupied. They installed 2,097 mechanical ventilation devices, of which 155 are in use (at the time of the April 22 interview – editor’s note).

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At the same time, the Minister of Health noted that now there is no decrease in the number of patients, deaths due to COVID-19 are recorded daily.

“We do not see a decrease in the number of patients, there are fatal cases every day. In other words, it is obvious that we did not win this war, and we must continue our tactics further, by expanding our capacities “said Stepanov.

In particular, he noted the need for increased testing among doctors.

“We will test our doctors who work with coronavirus disease every 5 days. 20% of sick medical workers are too many,” said Stepanov.

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He also recalled that the Ministry of Health changed the test algorithm to COVID-19, now there should be no refusal to carry out tests for the patient, if there are indications for such tests .

Now, it is difficult to say how the Easter holidays affected the increase in the number of people infected with COVID-19, since the incubation period is 14 days, added the minister.

“If we are talking about April 19, then we must add 14 days – these are the first days of May, when we can feel it clearly. Towards the end of April – beginning of May, we will see that the celebration of Easter has influenced or has not did not affect the patient increase, “said Stepanov.

As reported by Ukirnform, as of April 23, Ukraine had confirmed 7,170 cases of COVID-19 coronavirus, of which 187 were fatal, 504 patients have recovered. Among the sick – 1386 medical workers.

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