Quarantine may not be relaxed due to mass services in Pochaiv and Svyatogorsk – Nemchinov



Quarantine may not be relaxed due to mass services in Pochaiv and Svyatogorsk - Nemchinov

The Cabinet of Ministers may not decide to reduce quarantine because of the mass Easter services in the laurels of Pochaev and Svyatogorsk of the UOC-MP.

This was announced on Gromadsky by Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleg Nemchinov, answering the question of whether it is possible that due to Easter services with a large number of people in the laurels of Pochaev and Svyatogorsk of the UOC-MP, the quarantine is not attenuated.

“I think it’s entirely possible, you have to look at a number of factors. If you look at the statistics of the national police, the number of churchgoers has exceeded expectations. It was much less than in the usual period, but at the same time it was pretty risky numbers, especially how you mentioned Pochaev and the Donetsk region, where there were really such precedents, “said Nemchinov.

He added that there were negative moments in Kiev, in particular, he recalled the situation in Pechersk’s laure of Kiev, which is already in quarantine and where new cases of infection continue to be recorded.

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At the same time, Nemchinov noted that it is still difficult to assess what will be the final decision of the Cabinet of Ministers regarding quarantine.

“A full risk analysis will not be carried out, only after that it will already be possible to speak of a fait accompli,” he concluded.

As previously reported by Ukrainian News, Health Minister Maxim Stepanov said that at the next government meeting, the Health Ministry would submit a decision on extending the quarantine until May 12.

At the same time, the Minister noted that certain measures to mitigate quarantine measures would be proposed. In particular, it is planned to allow walks in the parks. In addition, there are plans to open museums and libraries to visit them. At the same time, there are plans to make clear reservations regarding compliance with quarantine restrictions over distance, personal protective equipment; thermal screen at the entrance of the establishment. According to Stepanov, all restrictions will be clearly regulated by government decision.

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At 9:00 p.m. on April 21 in Ukraine, 6,125 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 161 were fatal, 367 patients recovered. 415 new cases were recorded per day.

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