Quarantine will not be weakened for everyone: a Ukrainian region has refused to relax quarantine



Quarantine in Ukraine is not decreasing for all Ukrainians. The Lviv region has lost the opportunity, along with the rest of Ukraine, to start releasing restrictive measures against the coronavirus.

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It is reported by “Ukrainian truth“, Reports” NPF “.

The deputy head of the Lviv regional state administration, Taras Gren, has publicly stated that the plans for May 11 were not intended to be realized. Instead, mitigation measures are postponed until May 15. The reason was the disappointing situation of the coronavirus in recent days.

“We can say that in recent days, the number of new coronavirus infections has increased significantly in the Lviv region. A special commission has calculated that we cannot catch up with the other regions of Ukraine until May 15. All planned relaxations will take effect on the 15th of this month. I ask you to treat the situation with the responsibility and understanding you need, ”said Gren.

Note that during the last day in the Lviv region recorded two deaths from coronavirus and 54 new cases of infection.

Recall, as previously stated, Ukraine will not do this – Saakashvili made an outrageous statement about the future of the country.

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