RADA Adopts Anti-Crisis Law: How They Will Support Business


Business and citizens will receive additional support for coronavirus

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Yesterday, on 30 March, in an extraordinary meeting, Varkhova Rada adopted Bill No. 3275 on additional social and economic guarantees regarding coronoviruses. 312 deputies voted for.

According to the bill:

  • Partial unemployment assistance is offered due to the suspension of enterprises during quarantine. To receive benefits, the unemployed do not need to travel to employment centers in person, but can confirm their status by phone or email;
  • The standard is being specified on the exemption from taxation of imports of medical devices and equipment necessary to combat the spread of coronovirus;
  • The business received a tax on profit tax on the condition of financing measures to deal with coronavirus;
  • Reporting deadline due to quarantine;
  • The supply of alcohol for the production of antiseptics is simplified and their production is permitted on uncultivated plants;
  • Land budget and property tax refund in local budget for April;
  • Restrictions have been imposed on raising the interest rate on loans during quarantine;
  • The issue of remote work and the introduction of a flexible work schedule are being resolved;
  • Fines are raised for violating the process of setting prices and fees for social goods, the limits of which will be set by the cabinet;
  • Permission to participate in court hearings by videoconferencing.

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On 30 March, Vekhovnaya Rada adopted a law on the land market with a law on the regulation of banking activities. This will allow Ukraine to obtain a new three-year IMF EFF extended financing program worth approximately $ 8 billion, as well as macro-financials related to European Union (500 million euros) and World Bank loans (up to $ 1 billion). help.

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