Rada endorsed Shevchenko’s appointment to the post of NBU chief


Since 2015, Kirill Shevchenko served as chairman of the board of Ukrgasbank

Kirill Shevchenko was elected the new head of the National Bank. Photo:

Verkhovna Rada supported the appointment by the head of the National Bank of Ukraine, Chairman of Ukrgasbank, Kyril She Shechenko. The announcement was made by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shimgal in his Telegram channel.

For the same resolution, first sent by Vladimir Zelensky to Parliament, voting took place on deputation of 332 people.

“The government is ready to work closely with the NBU to restore the economy, macroeconomic stability and access to credit. The government and the National Bank have a common goal and objective – that is in the growth of the country’s economy and the welfare of all Ukrainians There is improvement, ”said Shimgal.

Transmits as Interfax , The National Bank of Ukraine will continue to work to strengthen the stability of the banking system, in particular, to reduce the portfolio of bad loans, Cyril Shevchenko said.

“NBU will continue to take measures to strengthen the financial stability of banks. In particular, it is necessary to strengthen work in the banking system with a share of bad loans, which today is 48%,” Shevchenko said Thursday Told parliamentary constituency on 16 July.

He said the share of non-performing loans in state-owned banks reached 49%, in foreign-invested banks – 32.5%, in private – about 20%. “Due to Kovid, there has been a slight increase in this percentage,” he said.

Earlier, Pespace magazine explained where he worked and what positions Kirill Shevchenko took.

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On 1 July, the head of the National Bank of Ukraine, Yakov Smoly, wrote and submitted a letter of resignation to the President of his own free will. In an official statement, the NBU said that the reason for Smolia’s departure was political pressure on the National Bank.

Smolley later said that pressure on the leadership of the National Bank was manifested in calls to increase inflation by 11% and to weaken the hryvnia by 30 UAH / dollar.

On 7 July, the NBU team issued a petition to end political pressure on the NBU by some deputies, who “systematically distort and discredit” the regulator’s work.

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