Rada goes to urgent meeting: fateful decisions for Ukraine will be reviewed



On April 13, an extraordinary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will take place. A number of important laws have been declared for the country. Among them, the issue of changes in the state budget of Ukraine and the review of protection measures against coronaviruses.

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Photo –

It is reported by “Unian“,” MFN “Reports

Dmitry Razumkov urgently signed an earlier order to summon the authorities to take a number of important decisions. Key issues include: the revision of the Law on the State Budget of Ukraine for 2020, the National Infrastructure Bill, amending the Law on the Protection of the Population against Infectious Diseases, possibly from new measures will be developed to combat coronaviruses.

In addition, the theme of environmental preservation of Ukraine will become relevant and changes will be made to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. At the same time, certain provisions of section XI “Transitional provisions” of the country’s Code of Criminal Procedure will be revised according to the specificities of the judiciary concerning the respect of the rights, interests and freedoms of citizens in criminal proceedings for the period quarantine measures.

Reminder, as previously indicated, Pushilin is out of his mind: the head of the “DPR” promises to avenge the events of Gorlovka.

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