Rada vice president pleads for ‘immune certificates’ to emerge in Ukraine



Rada vice president pleads for 'immune certificates' to emerge in Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Health and the National Security and Defense Council are expected to start developing a strategy for testing the population of anti-coronavirus antibodies.

This opinion was expressed by the vice-president of the Verkhovna Rada Elena Kondratyuk, reported the press service of the Verkhovna Rada apparatus.

“The Ukrainian government, the Ministry of Health, the National Security and Defense Council should immediately begin to develop a strategy for detecting anti-coronavirus antibodies in the population. It is necessary to guarantee the implementation of such strategy with the right resources. We must already plan the purchase or our own production of reliable test systems for anti-COVID-19 antibodies, “said Kondratyuk.

According to her, it is also necessary to examine the question of the issue of immunity certificates to the population and to prepare the corresponding amendments to the resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Kondratyuk believes that immunized citizens should be able to “go to work even tomorrow to feed their families”.

“According to scientists, 25% to 50% of those infected may not experience any symptoms at all. Therefore, it is very important that the government knows the actual number of people who have had a coronavirus nationwide. Data will allow you to make effective decisions about when to stop social isolation, reopening businesses and schools. After all, immunized people can resume their normal lives safely, “said the vice president.

Kondratyuk added that currently, information on the number of citizens protected from reinfection with COVID-19, due to its immunity, is becoming strategically important.

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She also drew attention to international experience and noted that the American authorities had already granted the first authorization to use a certified test for the detection of anti-COVID-19 antibodies. Also in the United States, plans to issue immune certificates to those who are sick are under discussion. At the same time, the National Institute of Health in the United States plans to study more than 10,000 healthy volunteers to identify among them citizens with antibodies against the coroanavirus.

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According to Kondratyuk, population immunity tests are carried out in Spain and the United Kingdom. Relevant studies to identify the proportion of asymptomatic people with a coronavirus are planned in Argentina and Austria.

As Ukrinform reported, by the morning of April 17 in Ukraine, 4,662 cases of COVID-19 had been laboratory confirmed, of which 125 were fatal, 246 patients have recovered. 501 new cases were recorded per day.

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