Rada without Oleg Lyashko – like a village without a church: the obnoxious politician is ready to return to Parliament



Oleg Lyashko has announced his intention to run for the BP early elections, which will be held in 208 constituencies in the Chernihiv region. Previously, the people’s deputy of this district was Valery Davidenko, recently deceased in mysterious circumstances.

Oleg Lyashko
Oleg Lyashko. Stock Photo –

Lyashko shared his ambitions on the Ukraine 24 television channel, writes MFN.

“When, after his death, Davidenko started talking about the elections … Well, it’s completely immoral … even if 9 days go by … Yes, I had a difficult relationship with Davidenko, but he was a powerful politician and did a lot for the Chernihiv region. “

Lyashko also recalled that in 2012, he had already run for office and had easily won:

“It was a phenomenal success, one of the best results in Ukraine … After that, Davidenko won twice in a row in the riding of 208 … But I have great support there, they voted for me during the presidential and parliamentary elections. We will not give this area to anyone. I will run here and I will definitely win. “

The country’s main “radical” added that many Ukrainians want to see inside the walls of parliament:

“Parliament without Lyashko is like a village without a church. But notice how Parliament delays elections … They do it specifically because they are afraid of losing. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that Oleg Lyashko had emotionally turned to the authorities.



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