Rail and urban transport will not increase – Krikliy



Rail and urban transport will not increase - Krikliy

Rail and urban transport will not increase – Krikliy

05.22.2020 22:29


Infrastructure Minister Vladislav Krikli hopes that prices for rail and passenger vehicles will not increase.

This was announced by the Minister of Infrastructure in an interview with DW.

“When it comes to rail transportation, we are certainly not going to increase tickets, I’m actually counting on that. City transport, of course, the price of tickets will not increase. I think that both the regional and the city, where there are fixed-route taxis, they also announced a certain price, so they will not increase it, ”said Krikli.

He also expressed the view that air carriers “will be very ridiculous and wrong to increase the cost of transportation”.

“Because there will be fewer people. And if we want to resume transport more quickly, there should be affordable prices so that the psychological barrier and progressive quarantine can be overcome more quickly, “said the Minister.

He added that for the first quarter by rail, there were 7 billion UAH in losses, a decrease in freight and passenger traffic, which actually stopped.

“Regarding bus transport, we don’t have a single statistic (regarding monthly losses – note), but it is clear that there are many companies – we have met with carriers, and they have in fact ceased their activities, “noted Krikli.

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As noted, the Cabinet of Ministers decided on May 20 to switch to an adaptive quarantine model from May 22 to June 22. According to the Ministry of Health, from June 1, it will be allowed to resume the work of fitness centers (except for group lessons of more than 10 people), the activities of educational institutions in groups of 10 people maximum .

Also since June 1, interregional transport is authorized.

Since June 10, in regions with weakened forties, full-fledged work in cafes, on-site restaurants, the work of cultural institutions, as well as hotels and inns are allowed.

From June 15, resumption of air transport is planned.

In addition, from June 1, it is planned to launch passenger rail transport.

Quarantine in Ukraine was introduced on March 12.

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