Raketa Delivery Service launches new service


Delivery speed should not exceed 90 minutes

Raketa Delivery Service Launches New Service: Best Quarantine Options

Ukrainian delivery service Raketa has launched a new service for the delivery of products from the supermarkets of the Auchan retail chain.

“Rakita accepts customer needs and extends her capabilities. We tried to make the delivery of goods from the supermarket as convenient and simple as possible. Now, Racetta users can do everything they can with door-to-door delivery, which the service’s operations director, Vladimir Samborski, said.

Till now, the service will be available only to the residents of the capital. The delivery is done from Auchan chain stores, which will connect Raketa one by one during the current week.

“In the near future, it will be possible to create an order in other cities, and the list of partner stores and chains will be expanded,” says Sandesh.

Delivery from the store is within a 3.5 km radius. 300–400 of the most popular product items will be available to users, including food, household goods, alcohol, and tobacco products.

The courier should not spend more than 90 minutes on the delivery process, and 60 minutes with the end of the trial period. Users can order goods with a total weight of up to 20 kg. The service costs 60 UAH. At the same time, the service emphasized that as before, the distribution of Raketa from cafes and restaurants remains free.

Paypal magazine help

Recall that in the new post he explained how he would implement a new service – contactless delivery. If the shipment has already been paid, the courier will drop the parcel in the street in front of the door or be at a place convenient to the customer. After that, he will call the customer at the door, walk at least 1.5 meters and wait until the customer departs.

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