RBG chief comments on Avakov statement on Chornovol case



RBG chief comments on Avakov statement on Chornovol case

The State Bureau of Investigation does not have the moral right to quarrel with the Ministry of the Interior and the national police, as this will affect the work of the department.

About this actor State Rescue Bureau director Alexander Sokolov said in an interview with UP

“This is an incomprehensible decision of the Minister of Internal Affairs, it is more a political gesture than a law enforcement. Since commenting on the activities of another law enforcement agency among law enforcement officers is a bad idea, “said Sokolov.

According to him, they do not feel any obstacle to the work of the GDB.

“We do not feel any obstacle or threat. There was an open position. In fact, we are grateful that the person spoke, everything is clear. We are working further. It does not affect. On the contrary, the ministry of Interior, the national police helped us with weapons, employees partially assigned to help the Maidan investigators. And in fact, at this point, we have no moral right to quarrel with them. , first of all, work will suffer, “said Sokolov.

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He noted that within the GDB, the opinion of the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov on the Chornovol case had been heard.

“I am not so much in such an ambitious position with regard to these statements. There is a leader, quite experienced and influential. This is his thought, we heard it. However, it will not influence us in any way if we have documents, “said Sokolov.

As indicated, the popular deputy of the eighth convocation Tatyana Chornovol reported on April 10 on the social network that a search was underway in her house. She also posted a screenshot of the search order, which covers the events of February 2014.

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Interior Minister Arsen Avakov called the case of Tatyana Chornovol a thirst for revenge.

The GDB subsequently informed that Chornovol was suspected of intentional murder following an arson attack on the Party office of the regions in 2014.

April 14, in the Pechersk district court of the capital began a hearing on the election of the preventive measure of Chornovol. The prosecution requests to be placed under house arrest 24 hours a day.

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