Reaction to the quality of medicine in Ukraine: the result of the investigation surprised the authorities



Opinion polls have revealed extreme dissatisfaction among the Ukrainian population with modern medicine. People believe that two years ago, medicine was much more effective.

Ukrainian medicine
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It is reported by the “MFN”, with reference to the sociological group “Evaluation“.

49% of Ukrainian citizens are extremely dissatisfied with the quality of domestic medicine. They believe that in the past two years, serious damage has been inflicted on the quality of medical services provided by public hospitals. Only 12% of citizens saw at least some improvement.

It should be noted that the dynamics of the deterioration of medical services continues to accelerate. Last year only 37% expressed dissatisfaction with the direction of medical development and the efficiency of hospitals. Residents of the east and south of the country, people on low incomes, the elderly and women express the greatest dissatisfaction.

The number of people who give positive ratings has also decreased. It should be noted that the survey data were collected from April 24 to 25. All respondents are people over the age of 18 from various regions of Ukraine, with the exception of temporarily employed people.

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