ready to launch a new line of cheaper smartphones


Oneplus close to a landmark turning point: the Chinese brand, born in 2014 as a promising startup and able to break through its philosophy under the motto “never agree”, is ready to expand its offer and launch a new line of smartphones cheaper.

Therefore, this will be a kind of return to the roots for the manufacturer, who in the last two years has now joined the prices of competitors, which also caused different discontent among his fans. Oneplus z therefore, it should be a new line of smartphones at a cheaper price with first-level hardware: the first model (which according to the latest rumors should be called “to North“Therefore, it will be the first in a long series and will not be a kind of exception to the rule, as it was in his time.” OnePlus X.

The course change was announced directly Pete lau, co-founder and CEO of OnePlus. Lau also announced a new Instagram profile dedicated to the new series (OnePlusLiteZThing gives decisive clues about the name chosen by the company).

That’s not all: there was also talk of marketing new smartphones that should initially appear in India and Europeto then also land in the United States. More news in early July?


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