Redmi AirDots S official, improve user experience and connectivity


They were made official a few hours ago Redmi airdots snew real wireless headphones from the Asian manufacturer, which will appear a year after the “standard” model. Let’s face it, the form factor is identical, while the manufacturer sought to improve some technical aspects, while maintaining the same (low) price. Let’s find out in detail.

Redmi airdots s they boast connectivity Bluetooth 5.0but the company clarified that data transfer has doubled compared to last year; autonomy 4 hours on a single charge, A total of 12 hours with a case supplied as standard. There is a DSP function that aims to reduce noise using AI, and the multi-function button serves to interact with the voice assistant, control music playback and reject calls.

There is also the possibility of using headphones separately, while the availability of IPx4 Certification from spray of rain and sweat. There is no particular indication of sound quality, but, nevertheless, it is worth emphasizing that Xiaomi chose to maintain a low selling price.

Redmi airdots s they will cost 99 yuan at the current rate 13 euros in China, Let’s see what the price will be in Europe and Italy, where last year’s model sells for only 20 euros on Amazon: Xiaomi Redmi Airdots – Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 – Stereo Audio (Stereo) Hi-Fi Magnetic Charging Case Microphone 15 hours of battery life IPX5 – CE Certificate.


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