Redmi Band in Europe called Xiaomi Mi Band 4C?


A few weeks ago, we talked about the possible unexpected launch of an economical (even cheaper) version of the now-known Xiaomi Mi Band 4In fact, during the Xiaomi Fan Festival 2020, Redmi Band was introduced, the first smart group of the company, which is now independent from the Chinese giant for about a year and a half.

Redmi band clearly intrigued for the really low price and technical specifications in general not far from the above Mi Band 4, It is for this reason that it may soon be launched in Europe, even if it is renamed.

Xiaomishka, the Russian leader, has identified two online certifications that have the same model number (HMSH01GE), but which are actually associated with two different products, Xiaomi Mi Band 4c and, definitely, the Redmi Band. In short, a change of name due to officialness on the market of the Old Continent may be more than a likely hypothesis: Xiaomi and Redmi would make full use of the long wave of success Mi Band.

It is worth noting that Redmi band has a rectangular, more square, 1.08 ″ and color display. There are several settings for the main set, Bluetooth 5.0 and all the typical functions of a modern smartphone. Also interesting is the ability to recharge the device without passing through the adapter, but directly through the USB port type C, which is already available.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 can be bought on Amazon, here is the link:


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