Reform 2.0: Taran created a new unit at the Ministry of Defense



Reform 2.0: Taran created a new unit at the Ministry of Defense

Defense Minister of Ukraine Andriy Taran signed an order to create a defense policy branch at the ministry to implement the objective of defense reform in Ukraine.

This was stated by the press secretary to the Minister of Defense Svetlana Pavlovskaya, according to the website of the Ministry of Defense.

“The Minister of Defense of Ukraine signed a document canceling the 2016 ordinance, which regulated the activities of the Project Reform Office. The reform project office was an advisory body … At the same time, by order of the Minister of Defense, the Defense Policy Directorate was set up to implement the objectives of defense reform in Ukraine. Anyone wishing to participate in the defense department reform can contact the Defense Policy Directorate, ”said the spokesperson.

Pavlovskaya noted that the leadership of the Ministry of Defense in this direction works in close collaboration with the strategic advisers – representatives of the defense departments of the member countries of the Alliance. Each of the advisers has significant experience in serving and holding positions of responsibility in the armed forces of their country. This cooperation is extremely important for the implementation of the reform as part of the Directorate’s activities, she said.

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“Anyone wishing to participate in the reform of the defense department can contact the Defense Policy Directorate. We invite the members of the project office to stop obstructing the information space with their manipulations and to participate in public service competitions in order to work full time in management, ”added Pavlovskaya.

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As reported, on March 31, the head of the MOU Reform Project Office, Olesya Favorskaya, said that the work of the office was virtually stalled. In particular, according to her, since March 16, 2020, the office of the reform project, on behalf of the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Defense, has been ordered to leave the premises used until now and to move to another military camp. The next step was the reduction of the Department of Civil Experts of the Service Center of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces Staff, the majority of whose employees were members of the Reform Project Office (reform team defense procurement, nutrition system reform team), she said. According to Favorskaya, as of March 26, 2020, all expert passes from the project office of the Ministry of Defense and the general staff were blocked and, as a result, the possibility of working on projects of Defense reform was completely blocked, as they were unable to participate in workshops, coordinate problems, receive correspondence, work and communicate with units of the Department of Defense and the General Staff.

The Ministry of Defense then rejected the blocking of the work of the reform project office.

Photo: Ministry of Defense

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