Regina Todorenko donated “” to 2 million rubles



Regina Todorenko

Regina Todorenko, 29, said on Instagram that she donated to the nonprofit organization, and the organization itself told reporters that the TV presenter had transferred $ 2 million rubles. I have already transferred funds to the fund, with which I cooperate and with which we are developing a special application in which there will be a help button, “said Todorenko about his cooperation with the organization .

Regina Todorenko with representatives of the organization “”

Regina also mentioned on Instagram her film “What did I do to help?” That it shot just after the scandal. In an interview with PeopleTalk founder Laura Jugelia, the TV presenter condemned other stars of show business who on social media talk about conflicts with husbands. After that, Todorenko was criticized for allegedly justifying domestic violence. Regina immediately explained that no violence was tolerated. However, Glamor magazine stripped her of the title of woman of the year and several advertisers refused to continue their collaboration. The harassment of the television presenter subsided after the release of the named film. She planned to transfer funds from watching her to the organization “”. After my film, the number of calls to protection centers for victims of domestic violence increased from 5 to 7 times. The funds are not coping with the influx of calls – there are not enough psychologists, lawyers and other staff to help the victims, ”Regina wrote on Instagram today.

Regina Todorenko

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