Regina Todorenko gave her statuette “Woman of the year 2019” Margarita Gracheva, which her husband cut off her hands



Regina Todorenko / Margarita Gracheva

Activist and blogger Margarita Gracheva, who was the victim of the crime of her ex-husband Dmitry, who cut her hands three years ago and was sentenced to 14 years in a maximum security colony, told Instagram that ‘she had become the owner of the statuette of Glamor magazine. Television presenter Regina Todorenko gave her the symbol of her “Woman of the Year 2019” award, which she was denied by the editorial staff after being accused of convicting victims of domestic violence. Honestly, this award means nothing to me. And during a video chat with Regina (when she was shooting the film), I immediately said: “I don’t need a figurine” and jokingly added: “Better a panda costume , my youngest son loves them. ” (I remembered the pandas, while Regina’s husband was performing at the Mask in Panda costume. Now, I own a heavy piece of glass with the inscription “Woman of the year 2019” and two handsome panda costumes! I haven’t shown them to the kids yet, I want to surprise Danica on a birthday and wake her up in the morning in this costume (Author’s spelling and punctuation saved – approx. ed.), said Gracheva to his disciples.

Margarita Gracheva

Regina Todorenko

Remember, a month ago, in an interview with PeopleTalk founder Laura Dzhugeliya Todorenko, condemned other stars of show business who use family problems to get attention, talking about social conflicts with husbands in social networks. After that, Regina was criticized for allegedly accusing abused women of inaction. The television star immediately explained that no violence supports or justifies. In confirmation of this, she made the film “What did I do to help?” and began to collaborate with the center “”, which donated him a record of 2 million rubles.

Margarita Gracheva with the statuette “Woman of the year-2019”

Vlad Topalov and Regina Todorenko

Margarita Gracheva did not support Todorenko’s persecution online and sent her book “Happy Without Hands” to her so that she could learn more about her story. When Margarita received a return package from Regina, she again tried to protect her from enemies. I’ll start right away with a request, please refrain from commenting: “What Regina is not sincere about!” “Paid 2 million!” “And how much did she pay you?” “She doesn’t care, the main thing is to keep the contracts at all costs. We all make mistakes, but the main thing is to try to repair them!”, Wrote Gracheva on the social network.

Margarita Gracheva with her son

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