Regina Todorenko stripped of “Woman of the Year” after outrageous statements about domestic violence



Regina Todorenko has been stripped of her title

Netizens yesterday vigorously discussed the live broadcasts with Regina Todorenko, during which she made mixed statements about domestic violence. The TV presenter also said the following words:

Perhaps a critical moment just said to the camera: “My husband is beating me.” Why? Have you ever thought? And what did you do to keep him from beating you? And what did you do to hit yourself?

The revelations from Regina have provoked a wave of criticism on the network: many users have written messages to the brands with which Todorenko collaborates, and the presenters of various telegram chains unanimously declared that after such declarations, Regina could hardly own the title “Woman of the Year”. Remember that Glamor magazine has awarded this title.

The editor-in-chief of the publication, Ilyana Erdneeva, first tried to explain herself and indicated that the readers of the candidacies had been selected by vote. But ultimately, I decided to reconsider such a decision.

A few minutes ago, a message appeared on the magazine’s Instagram that Regina Todorenko had been stripped of the title “Woman of the Year”.

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