Relatives of coronavirus deaths in Spain sue government



More than 3,000 relatives of those who died from COVID-19 accuse the government of “an unsuccessful response to the pandemic”.

Coronavirus in Spain
Coronavirus in Spain. Photo –

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11 lawyers from different regions of Spain appealed to the Spanish Supreme Court on behalf of more than 3,000 relatives of victims of coronavirus. The lawsuit was brought against Prime Minister Pedro Sanchens and 22 ministers.

The trial said that “an unspecified number of people died because of the government’s carelessness”. Ministers are accused of not doing enough to stop the spread of the epidemic in the country.

The 3,268 people who signed the lawsuit have already said it could be extended and that other senior officials, who failed to perform their duties by providing assistance, would also be charged.

Relatives of the deceased note that the authorities put their interests above the lives of the people, since mass rallies took place in early March.

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