Reorganization of political forces in the Russian Federation: Putin issued an official decree



The head of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, is restoring his political forces inside the country. He issued a decree on the return of Mikhail Mishustin to the post of Russian Prime Minister.

Mishustin and Poutine
Mishustin and Poutine. Photo –

It is reported by “MK“, Reports” NPF “.

Putin announced his desire to regain the authority of the Prime Minister. The decision was made after assessing Mishustin’s health. Recall that at the end of April, Mishustin discovered a coronavirus, but now the doctors have confirmed that he can return to work.

By his decree, Putin deprived Andrei Belousov of power, who succeeded in replacing Mishustin. Whitebeard lost its position and. about. Prime Minister of Russia.

Note that, infected with a coronavirus, Mishustin continued to influence the political situation in the country. He held a number of remote meetings. In addition, it was Mishustin who chose who would become his temporary replacement in power for the Russian Federation. In addition to Mishustin, Dmitry Peskov, who still couldn’t defeat the virus, faced the coronavirus.

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