Repeat the coronavirus in Russia: an expert expressed an unusual version



An innovative theory has been advanced in the Russian Federation regarding the probability of a second coronavirus attack in a country. It is assumed that the country has almost developed immunity against the terrible virus.

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It is reported Donpress, reports “MFN”.

Between 15% and 20% of the population is immunized against the coronavirus. This is what the Russian virologist and immunologist of the First MGMU Vitaliy Zverev considers. He states that his conclusions are based on the experience of other countries and are reliable. He noted that one fifth of the entire population of the Russian Federation was actively acquiring immunity to the coronaviruses and that any subsequent waves of coronaviruses would be lower.

“Many countries are analyzing the production of immunity against coronaviruses. Based on the research of foreign experts, we have come to the conclusion that the repeated waves of coronavirus in Russia will be less and less dangerous. Trying to scare us with the fact that such waves will be extremely dangerous is utter stupidity. No need to be afraid. As it was, there will be no more, ”said Zverev.

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