Reprisals against Avakov: Gordon urgently warned of the attempted assassination of General Shaitanov (video)



Gordon went on the air. He received information from his SBU sources about Avakov’s attempt. The murder is being prepared by a former SBU general, Shaitanov.

Dmitry Gordon
Dmitry Gordon. Photo –

It is reported by the “MFN”, with a video call link Gordon.

“Valery Albertovich Shaitanov is the general of the SBU, he is credited with a number of crimes on the Maidan, but evidence is necessary to prove this guilt. They say he was the one who set fire to the union house on the Maidan. He was responsible for conducting operations in the temporarily occupied territories and at the same time transmitting classified information to the enemy, “said Gordon.

He noted that Osmayev’s murder for Shaitanov was only a warm-up before the main task – the murder of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

Gordon warns that Shaitanov should not be handed over to the Russian Federation during an exchange, since it is obvious that he did not work alone and that Russian agents can still operate in Ukraine. He stressed that Russia will insist on an exchange, and that must be prepared.

As noted earlier, the suspect in the murder of Sternenko intends to punish Venediktov: the activist spoke of the measures taken.

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