Rescuers Explain Why Complex Fires In Exclusion Zone



Rescuers Explain Why Complex Fires In Exclusion Zone

The prolonged extinction of fires in the exclusion zone is due to many objective reasons, including a natural factor and significant obstruction of the territories.

This was announced on the program “Savik Shuster Freedom of Expression” by the head of state emergency services, Nikolay Chechetkin, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“Why do we always put out the fire, for example, in the same exclusion zone? Because there are so many objective reasons that don’t allow it to happen quickly. And in general, forest fires don’t go out quickly. First, it is a natural factor, both the direction and the force of the wind change very quickly and very quickly. This leads to the fact that the fire simply spreads to other regions, ”said Chechetkin.

According to him, the second reason is that these territories are very impassable: a swamp, where not a single piece of equipment will enter, and not a single person who will pass.

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“The third is that of sites contaminated by radiation. We don’t let our people go. And the fourth – of course, the state (territories – ed.). There is no firebreak in the exclusion zone, no mineralized bands. All of this interferes with a quick response to putting out a fire, ”said the head of the state emergency department.

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